Smart Connected Devices

Smart Mirror, for a Smarter Life

Bring elegance mixed with the technology to your room, coffee shop, restaurant, office… thanks to our Smart Connected Mirrors

Elegant piece of technology

First of all, our mirror is a mirror and will perfectly find it’s place whenever you want: in your office, at your coffee-shop, in your bathroom or bedroom!

Imagine to be able to have all the information of your connected life, anytime you need them, without asking for them?

We did it! Our connected devices are able to display unlimited information.


  • Display the time, date
  • Get your phone notifications alert
  • Display indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Display AQI ( Air Quality Index ) and PM2.5 pollution of your city
  • Get your real-time number Facebook likes of your pages
  • Get Instagram followers count
  • Display any message you want
  • Google Calendar meeting & reminders
  • Stock Options & forex
  • Any data you want thank to our API!